Minecraft Treevamped

The way this mod works is based on a group of blocks called “Growth Blocks.” They are this mod’s equivalent to saplings. Like saplings, growth blocks will randomly update, generating new blocks.

Picture 1.In the current version, 0.1.0, growth blocks will generate a tree with another growth block on the top, which can then generate a new tree with a growth block on top, etc., (see picture ).

Minecraft Treevamped will eventually drastically change the trees in Minecraft. I think it is a great concept because, although it is complicated, it is quite simple for what it would allow for. You can make almost any kind of tree almost any size! To learn more about this concept, visit this page.


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I’m Back!

I’ve recently got back into Minecraft modding, and I’m starting to rewrite this mod from scratch. There will be a few differences between the new version and the one from a few years ago:

  • This will be written with Minecraft Forge, so it should be 100% compatible with other mods.
  • I have become far more proficient at Java in the past few years, so the mod will be written better and more quickly.
  • It will be for Minecraft 1.9.
  • Eventually I hope to add support for a configuration file where users can create their own trees.
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