Still little progress

I’ve figured out what was wrong, but I still haven’t figured out why. I think I’ve discovered a workaround, though, but I’m having a few new problems. Meanwhile, have a picture of some flaming TNT:Image


A Lack of Progress

A very weird-looking tree.

A very weird-looking tree.

I still haven’t figured out exactly what was wrong with the trees, but as you can see, I did have some success in something. The logs in the picture above are rotated correctly! Huzzah!

Meanwhile, here are some screenshots I took a few days ago while the trees were still working:


Version 0.1.0

Version 0.1.0 released! Requires Minecraft Forge.

In the miscellaneous tab of the creative inventory there are four leaf-like blocks, all called “Growth Blocks.” If you place the block on top of a leaf, wood, grass, or dirt block it will create a tree that grows upward continuously.

Small Progress

I just started this mod today, although I spent a few hours yesterday learning how to use minecraft forge. Currently the mod adds one block, exactly identical to leaves. Eventually, the block will provide the basis for this mod, as it will be what generates new tree branches. Here is the link to the suggestion that this mod is based on: